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Personal Writing for Beginners

Here are some advice for people who want to know how to write for themselves; This is personal writing for beginners.

Here are some advice for people who want to know how to write for themselves; This is personal writing for beginners.

For some people it’s really hard to write anything. Some of them are trapped and frightened because of their writing teacher in school; some of them just think that the only thing writing is good for is the websites and newspapers. Studies have shown that personal writing actually helps figure out how we feel about a certain subject and maybe how should we react.

Advice for Personal Writing for Beginners

Start writing. It doesn’t matter what’s in there, just take a pen and start writing whatever’s in your head on a notebook. Write about what happen 5 minutes ago. Try to describe the room you are in. Start with the small stuff; even if they will turn up just as sentence or two.

Make it a Habit. Sit with a pen and write for 10 minutes a day. That exercise would improve your language skills, too. You will find out that language can improve if you just produce it and not just by reading. That will give you self confidence and you won’t hesitate trying again and again.

If you don’t want to show it to anyone, it’s fine. Personal writing is person, therefore no one has to know about it. It’s your private thoughts and sometime they should stay that way. It’s your own personal temple; you don’t need worlds to collide.

After you write, distract yourself from the situation. You can watch a TV show, take a shower, eat a meal or anything. You need 15 minutes of distraction before you go back to the material you have written. When you’re done, go back to the notebook and read what you have written like it was written by another person. Try to realize what that person thinks.

If you need any more writing advice – academic, personal and try to translate a document, just contact me –

Salsa Clubs in Israel

There are many salsa clubs in Israel. Let’s know some of them, and where can we dance in Israel.

There are many salsa clubs in Israel. Let’s know some of them, and where can we dance in Israel.

Salsa and Bachata Parties around Tel aviv

The Complex is a dancing studio anda party that happens in the middle of TLV; Lincoln 16. They specialize in veriaty of dancing style: Cuban Salsa, LA Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba and Rumba (freestyle). The instruction starts at 21:30 and the party starts at 22:30. If you dance more than one style, this is definatly the place for you.

Address – Licoln Street 16, Tel Aviv.

Havana club is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It has Reggaeton parties every Friday, too. On Tuesday and Thursday they play Salsa on the main hall and Bachata in a smaller dancing studio. On Saturday they have the biggest bachata party – main hall plays bachata and the smaller one – salsa, mostly Cuban.

Address – Igal Alon Street 126, Tel Aviv.

Studio BeYou is a dancing studio right in the middle of Tel Aviv. It is located in Century Tower, and during the day time acts as a dancing studio. It has several dancing halls and provides Salsa mambo, Timba, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, Lambada, West coast swing and sometimes even Tango. You should check out what’s their schedule on their website.

Address – Century Tower, Tel Aviv.

St Studio is a dancing studio in Petah Tiqva, which is 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv. They have Salsa and Bachata every Sunday and Wednesday. The Lessons start at 21:00 and the party starts at 22:30. It is a dancing studio with two halls, that play two different music genres – Salsa and Bachata.

Address – Hamefalsim Street 6, Petah Tiqva.

Salsa Sauce is a party line in Kfar Saba. It’s open every Saturday and Tuesday night. The play Cuban and Mambo, and they teach LA style and Cuban style salsa. They start at 21:30, followed by a party on 22:30. They sometimes have special salsa parties, so it’s recommended to visit their website once is a while. They are located 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv by car.

Address – Hamovil Street 3, Kefar Saba

Baila Salsa is located in Rehuvut, 20 minutes away from Tel Aviv by car. They have salsa evenings every Wednesday and Saturday and Bachata every Tuesday night. The lessons start at 21:30 and the party starts at 22:30.

Address – Moshe Yatom street 32, Rehuvut.

Danca Conmigo has a lot of activity in Ramat Gan. They have every Thursday at 9 PM Zouk Lamabada line; they have 4 instructor guiding you in 4 different levels. On Saturdays from 5 till 8 PM they teach Cuban Salsa in 3 levels in another address for free.

Zouk Address on Thursdays – Habonim 8, Ramat Gan. Studio Danca Conmigo.

Salsa Address on Saturdays – Bialik 42, Ramat Gan.


Capital Latina is the leading salsa club in Jerusalem. They have salsa parties every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. Their lessons start at 21:00, and the party at 22:15.

Address – HaRav Herzog Street 105, Jerusalem


Diamond club is a dance club in the middle of Haifa. They have Bachata every Monday and Friday, and Salsa every Saturday and Thursday night. They have different hours for every event, so you should check out the schedule on their Facebook page.

Address – Hamusakhim street 24 ,Haifa.

Latinobeat have Salsa or Bachata every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday night all in different places with the same schedule. You should check out their locations on their website. 

Be’er Sheva

Every Monday night at 9 PM you could dance Salsa and Bachata in Positive Studio, Be’er Sheva Univercity. They teach Salsa in 7 different levels and Bachata in 4. It’s in building 72; Danca Conmigo.


Finding Salsa Music – How to Find Good Salsa Music

Finding Salsa music and good Latin music requires time. I guarantee that it will worth you time and effort.

We love to listen to salsa music wherever we go. Unfortunately, as time goes by, salsa music losses some of its popularity to Reggeaton, Bachata and many other Latin music styles. The task of finding good salsa music is really difficult. Here are several channels and ways you could find new, good and refreshing salsa music.

Follow Leading DJs and Clubs

There are many salsa clubs that maintain a good channel on Soundcloud. One of the is Solar Latin Club that publishes new Salsa, Cha Chan and many specifically good music. There are many others you should check out; most of them are suggested.

You must find DJs that can find every new jam that comes out. One of them is DJ Walter B Nice. DJ Walter is a really good DJ; he also does mixes and podcasts of new salsa music. He knows how to find the music; all you need to do is follow him.

Finding Salsa Music Requires Following the Bands

If you found a good salsa track the artist probably has several good salsa music. I found Calle Vapor from a cover that popped up on my Youtube; specifically “Vente Negra”. I found at least 6 other good tracks that can be played in clubs. I knew Fabio Gianni‘s from salsa covers that he created. When he started publishing original tracks and albums, the result was amazing. DJ Timba is very famous from the track “Linda Mujer” but if you follow him you will find out that he has many other great tracks.

Be Open Minded; Let The Auto Play Bottom Lead You

I made that example regarding Youtube but you could find salsa music playlists on Spotify, new tracks on Soundcloud or listed to mixes on Mixcloud. That saying is also right regarding the content of the tracks themselves; sometimes a song sounds dull at the beginning but exiting towards the middle or the end.

Trust The DJ And Use Shazam

Salsa music DJs bring their best tracks to the dance floor. Go and dance; explore the Latin scene in your area. Use Shazam and save the tracks that you liked for later. If you’re too lazy, use Auto Shazam and enjoy the party.


Finding Salsa music and good Latin music requires time. I guarantee that it will worth you time and effort. Knowing the song that’s played on the dance floor makes you dance better than ever.

Try to find your favorite salsa genre. That will be a challenge and might lead you to your favorite dance style as well.

Salsa Music Genres

There are many sub genres in salsa music. Let’s read about the different salsa music genres

There are many sub genres in salsa music. Let’s read about the different salsa music genres and understand which style of salsa dancing is relevant to each one. Here are five main salsa music genres and a description about them.

Salsa Romantica

Some might call this a sub genre of Colombian or Puetro Rican. It’s a soft kind of genre. It’s easy listening and it’s much easier to find the beat. The cantante (singer) describes a relationship and love stories. There’s a lot of criticism about salsa romantica. Some people don’t consider it as a true form of salsa, despite the face that it is the most popular. The leading artists of this genre are Marc Anthony, Rey Ruiz, La India, Luis Enrique and the list goes on.

Preferably danced On1 (LA/Puerto Rican Salsa)

Salsa Mambo

Jazz; mostly instrumental salsa. The beat is mostly fast and requires quick feet. It was invented in Cuba during the 30’s and still being played today. Tito Puente is the most famous mambo musician but today La Maxima has good mambo music and Salsa DJ’s produce electronic style of mambo.

Preferably danced On1 (La/Puerto Rican Salsa), On2 (NY style salsa) or regular mambo dance.

Salsa Dura

A form of music that has a lot of instrumental development. It combines more lyrics but is very hard to follow. It combines the Jazz and the Salsa and requires unique skill and talent. Fania all Stars demonstrate that and Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Jimmy Bosch is one of the best in this genre are the Salsa Romantica emerged from this and the Colombian style salsa.

Preferably danced On2 (NY style salsa) or On1 (La Puerto Rican Salsa)

Colombian Salsa

Colombian salsa is very different from the styles above. It’s usually very fast to match the footwork of the Colombian Salsa Dance. It’s somewhere between Salsa Romantica and Cuban salsa but still has it’s own magic. Joe Arroyo is one of the most famous Colombian Salsa artists as well as Grupo Niche, Orquestra Guanyacan and La Sonora Carruseles.

Preferably danced on Colombian style Salsa.


Last but not least we have the hardcore Timba. Timba music is very long and most of the bands use modern beat. It’s the most popular music in Cuba today, right next to the Reggeaton. They combine R&B, Jazz, Rock, and mambo. The pattern is very simple which makes it easier to find the beat. Los Van Van is one of the most popular bands that plays Timba, along with Havena D’Primera, Juan Formall and many other.

Preferably danced on Cuban Style Salsa.

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The Most Common Difficulties in Translating English to Hebrew

Translators are having rough time translating from English to Hebrew. Here are the most common difficulties in translating English to Hebrew.

Translators are having rough time translating from English to Hebrew. Here are some of the most common mistakes that happen in the process in general and specifically in those two languages. Here are the most common difficulties in translating English to Hebrew.

The Most Common Difficulties in Translating English to Hebrew

Culture Differences

Cultural differences is one of the most common causes of translation gaps. The translation journal simplifies it to several categories; all of them relevant. Some of the words in English don’t exist in Hebrew because they aren’t a part of Hebrew speakers day to day lives.


When I took a writing class with my other Israeli born students; they had a rough time writing idioms in English. This works both ways; finding an idiom could take a long time during translation in general and specifically in English to Hebrew translation. I believe the reason is very simple; most of us haven’t come from the same cultural background.


If you translate a book from English to Hebrew than get ready; the translated text will be 70% shorter. Hebrew is much more conclusive and succinct. It takes less words to convey the same message. If you translate “I want to have a drink” from English to Hebrew you might find it very short – “אני רוצה משהו לשתות”. If you noticed 6 words became 4. “I am going to sleep”; “אני הולך לישון”. Right here, 5 words became 3. This will be the case in 90% of the cases.


In Hebrew and in English connectors have different usage. The translator must know the specific use of connectors in each one of those languages.


This is actually not a difficulty. In Hebrew, there are less grammatical forms than in English. Therefore, it sometime makes our job easier. Nevertheless, one should consider the context. If there are less grammatical form then the target language users understand the grammar and syntax from the context.

Summary – The Most Common Difficulties in Translating English to Hebrew

These are just some of the common difficulties in translation English to Hebrew. Each one of these categories include subcategories of their own. You can write a book about these differences.

What Kind of Music Should We Play in our Wedding?

It’s really hard to decide which kind of music fits a wedding. Nevertheless, there are some things we should consider. Here are a several things you should consider and use in a wedding. Let’s learn what kind of music should we play in our wedding.

What Kind of Music Should We Play in our Wedding?

Time of the Wedding

They say the night time is the right time, but not necessarily. Some couples exchange vows when the sun is up in the sky. That changes a lot; night weddings music starts softly at the reception but ends in the best dance music there is. Morning weddings are more likely to have bands. Whether you want it or not; the time of the wedding means different atmosphere.

The Guests’ Age in the Wedding

Think about what kind of guests are coming to the wedding. Different age means different music taste. I usually offer couples to start with swing and than change to mainstream and dance. Sometime 2000’s and 90’s dance hits could be a part of it (“Rhythm is a Dancer”, “Call on Me”, etc.).

Religion and Cultural Background

In case of a Jewish wedding you should consider taking advice from an orthodox jew or an Israeli DJ. In case of people that like bush parties you should have Techno and Goa trance right up your sleeve. Latin music for Latin guests; Reggaeton, Cumbia and more.

Personal Taste

Put this in mind. This is your wedding. It’s preferable that you enjoy yourselves. After all, everybody came to be here in your special day.